2016 TCC


Men’s Results

Mens results

Men’s Masters

Mens Masters

Women’s Results

Womens Results

Olds College

Olds College

2016 Champs Jesse Antonation and Emily Michaelson – Winnipeg’s Dynamic Duo

The Champs resized

2016 Mens Champ Jesse Antonation

2016 Mens Champ

2016 Womens Champ Emily Michaelson

2016 Womens Champ

2015 Womens Champ Kali Alcorn defends title

2015 Champ Defends Title

2016 Masters Runner up Rob Knight- Hanging out

Rob Knight

The Masters of 2016 – L to R Lloyd Rumbolt, Emily Michaelson, Charlene Scott, Kali Alcorn, Cody DeViller, Rob Knight, Jesse Antonation

The Masters

Saskatchewan speed bump at the border, great to be back. Had to use The Force to reestablish order.

Saskatchewan Speed bump

Sponsor POSTER 2016


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