Crystal’s Ascent


Aerial Climb of the Lethbridge Water Tower
July, 25, 2015 at 10 am.

103, Mayor Magrath Dr. South, Lethbridge, Alberta.
This is an aerial climb of the water tower.

Procceeds to “The Children’s Wish Foundation”
In memory of “Crystal M. Colling”

Height approximately – 98’ or 31 meters straight up.
Contact Grant at 403-327-9109, or

All competitors must be CERTIFIED ARBORIST’S and have a valid insurance certificate.
Entry fee $100.00 if you have cash sponsors, this fee will be waived.

You will need at minimum a harness,helmut,ascending devices (your choice),a figure 8 for coming down,a pully to reduce friction,climbing line 200’,cambium saver, carabiners and of course impact safety glasses.
We are getting pledges by the foot ie: $1.00 a foot=100’

Entry deadline June30, 2015 maximum entries 30.
All equipment will be inspected prior to climb TCC rules apply.
Winner gets bragging rights and maybe a hug.

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